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[SVdP is a registered 501(c)(3) (EIN: 94-1358301) Tax Exempt Organization.]

Let us do good, let us do all the good we can...

- Federic Ozanam, Founder

In modern American society, many of us are much too busy pursuing personal success and material possessions to pay attention to the concerns of our community. Yet, in these difficult and uncertain times, our community needs our support and help more than ever.

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul (SVdP) of Santa Clara County is an organization that serves others in need. Through emergency services, thrift stores, and worker centers, SVdP ensures that those who have too little are given enough.



Domestic Disaster Relief Fund

The National Council of the Society St. Vincent de Paul’s Disaster Services Division (DSD) responds to disasters such as floods, wildfires, tornadoes and other events throughout the United States. The DSD trains Regional Response Teams as well as individual Vincentians throughout the country to compassionately serve victims of disasters.

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul offers an array of services that alleviate both short-term needs such as food, shelter and clothing and long-term needs such as case management and our House in a Box® program for people impacted by a disaster. 

SVdP’s House in a Box® program helps to restore lives one house at a time. This program was implemented to supply disaster survivors with critical items to furnish an entire home from the kitchen to the bathroom to the bedroom, including furniture, dishes, towels, utensils and bed linens. 

It is the person-to-person, holistic case management that distinguishes SVdP from other organizations’ approach to relief and recovery – reaching out to each individual to determine his or her needs and then working closely with them to meet those needs. 

Your contribution will help to change lives, rebuild homes, provide shelter and emergency daily-living supplies and most importantly, restore hope to those in need!

To learn more about the Domestic Disaster Fund [click here].

You can help those across the U.S. recover from domestic disasters by contibuting to the Disaster Services Division by clicking the image above or the following link:

Thank you!

 Your donation is helping to change and save the lives of children, families and individuals living in need.